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Snow Patrol Announces New Album The Beginning

Tuesday 28th, 2024

Snow Patrol has announced a new album, their first in six years and the first since the departure of two members. The upcoming album, titled 'The Beginning', is set for release on May 29 at 8:15 pm BST.

Frontman Gary Lightbody shared insights into the album's creation, stating, "We had a few ideas floating around that we knew would eventually make it onto the album. When Johnny and I found ourselves in the Somerset countryside, ready to start writing in earnest, *The Beginning* was written on the very first day. That’s why it’s called 'The Beginning'."

Lightbody elaborated on his songwriting process: "I usually name songs before I write the lyrics. So, when Johnny, Nathan, and I are working on a track, it often has a placeholder name that changes once the lyrics are done, reflecting the words better. But in this case, even though there might be better words and phrases in the song, *The Beginning* just stuck. This album took us on many uncharted routes, with both weird and wonderful turns, making it feel like a new beginning."

Reflecting on the band's long journey, Lightbody added, "We honor our past deeply. This is our thirtieth year, and we have a lot of history. We have profound love and respect for everyone who has been with us through these years. But while we honor the past, we also want to cherish the present and look to the future. So, this is the beginning of something new, and we are excited to share it with you all."

'The Beginning' will be Snow Patrol’s first album since 'Wildness' in 2018, which reached number 2 in the UK and number 1 in Ireland. This new album also marks the first release since drummer Johnny Quinn and bassist Paul Wilson left the band last year, leaving Lightbody, Johnny McDaid, and Nathan Connolly as the remaining members.

In their official statement, Lightbody mentioned that Quinn and Wilson "have decided to leave us," and expressed Snow Patrol's best wishes for their future endeavors, saying they hoped for "nothing but happiness, success, joy, compassion, and everything they want in all their future endeavors."

However, the departure wasn't entirely smooth. Quinn's wife revealed on social media that his reasons for leaving were "not the best," and she criticized current member McDaid. She expressed pride in her husband but had mixed feelings about his departure, thanking Lightbody and Connolly while pointedly omitting McDaid. She also posted a screenshot calling McDaid a “weird fan boy,” adding a layer of controversy to the band's changes.

Despite these challenges, Snow Patrol is looking forward to this new chapter and eagerly awaits sharing 'The Beginning' with their fans.

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