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Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis - The Energetic Morning Awakening!


Ben Ellis is the whirlwind of energy that's been brightening our British mornings for years. With his infectious enthusiasm and a voice that could rival a rooster's crow, he's the perfect person to coax you out of bed and into a cheerful mood as soon as the sun rises.

Morning Mantra:

Every day, Ben recites his secret morning mantra: "More tea, more laughter, more music!" It's the magic recipe to kickstart your day on the right foot.

Socks Aficionado:

If you've ever wondered why Ben always looks so vibrant, it might be thanks to his secretly colourful socks concealed beneath his radio host attire. He claims they have magical properties. The Star of the Airwaves: Ben is also renowned for his karaoke skills in the broadcast booth. He can seamlessly transition from the wildest grime to the most melodic classics, all while sporting that infectious smile.

The Morning Weather Oracle:

His knack for predicting the weather is legendary. He may not have stopped the rain yet, but he can certainly advise you on whether to carry an umbrella or don a sunhat. Favourite Tune: Ben Ellis's favourite tune is ‘How Soon is Now?’ by the Smiths. He says it's his ultimate motivational anthem, perfect for encouraging you to chase your dreams, even on the cloudiest of mornings.

Quirky Anecdote:

One day, Ben accidentally mistook his microphone for a crumpet during a lively morning show. The crumpet was declared the "Special Guest" for the rest of the broadcast!

Ben's Morning Success Tip:

"Forget the snooze button; embark on a morning adventure with us! Take a hearty sip of tea, listen to great music, and greet life with a smile because, with Ben, every morning is a new adventure!" Tune in to Ben Ellis every morning at 7:00 AM for an energetic morning awakening with a British twist!
David Marsden

David Marsden

David Marsden - The Global Ambassador of Britpop!


Introducing David Marsden, the global ambassador of Britpop, who takes you on a musical journey through the heart and soul of British rock every Monday at 11 pm. With his encyclopedic knowledge and a passion for all things Britpop, he's your ultimate guide to the British music scene.

The Britpop Virtuoso:

David is more than just a presenter; he's a virtuoso when it comes to Britpop. His deep love for the genre and its rich history shines through in every note he plays and every anecdote he shares.

The Midnight Melody Master:

As the clock strikes 11 pm, David transforms into the midnight melody master, bringing you the best of Britpop to soundtrack your late-night adventures.

Britpop Time Traveler:

David doesn't just play music; he transports you through time with stories of Britpop's heyday. You'll feel like you're right there in the midst of the '90s Britpop revolution.

Favourite Britpop Anthem:

David's all-time favourite Britpop anthem is "Wonderwall" by Oasis. He believes it captures the essence of the era and continues to resonate with music lovers worldwide.

Behind-the-Scenes Britpop Stories:

David once interviewed a Britpop legend who shared an exclusive behind-the-scenes story about the making of a famous music video. The story became an instant classic on the show.

David's Recipe for Britpop Bliss:

<"Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Britpop every Monday at 11 pm. Join me, and let's relive the magic of the Britpop era together. With David, every Monday night is a Britpop celebration!" Tune in to David Marsden's "The Britpop Show" every Monday at 11 pm for a global journey through the iconic sounds of British rock, hosted by the one and only Global Ambassador of Britpop!

Laura Beth

Laura Beth

Laura Beth - The Acoustic Alchemist of Sunday Nights!


Meet Laura Beth, the magical host behind "The Sunday Sessions," your Sunday evening sanctuary for the best in acoustic music. With her unwavering devotion to indie sounds and exclusive acoustic sessions, she's your guide to discovering brand new talent and reimagined classics.

Acoustic Alchemy:

Laura Beth doesn't just play music; she's an acoustic alchemist, weaving a spellbinding tapestry of stripped-down melodies and soulful voices every Sunday at 9 pm.

Indie Music Whisperer:

Laura Beth is your indie music whisperer, unearthing hidden gems and rising indie stars for unforgettable acoustic covers and performances.

Sunday Evening Serenity:

As the clock strikes 8 pm on Sundays, Laura Beth creates a serene atmosphere that soothes your soul and sets the perfect tone for your Sunday evening.

Indie Music Devotee:

Laura Beth lives and breathes indie music, tirelessly connecting with emerging indie bands to craft exclusive acoustic sessions that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Favourite Tune:

Laura Beth's favourite song of all time is The Smiths ‘There’s A Light That Never Goes Out’ and her favourite acoustic tune is ‘Dead In The Water’ by Noel Gallagher.

Indie Encounters:

Laura Beth once invited an indie band to perform a surprise live set in a park during one of her shows, turning it into an impromptu indie music festival enjoyed by passersby.

Laura's Recipe for Acoustic Bliss:

"Join me every Sunday at 8 pm for 'The Sunday Sessions.' We'll dive deep into the indie acoustic soundscape, discovering new talent and relishing stripped-down magic together.” "The Sunday Sessions" every Sunday at 9 pm for a mesmerizing evening filled with indie acoustic marvels, hosted by the one and only Acoustic Alchemist of Sunday Nights!

Terry Doyle

Terry Doyle

Terry Doyle - The Master of Timeless Tunes!


Terry Doyle is the seasoned stalwart of our station, bringing timeless charm and decades of experience to the airwaves every weekday from noon to 2 pm. With his warm presence and a voice that's as smooth as aged whiskey, he's the quintessential host to make your midday moments memorable.

Midday Mantra:

Terry has a cherished midday mantra: "Good music, great company, and a dash of nostalgia." It's the recipe for turning your lunch break into a delightful journey through the classics.

Vintage Vinyl Aficionado:

Ever wondered where Terry gets his unparalleled music taste? He's the proud owner of an extensive collection of vintage vinyl records that he lovingly curates. It's his secret to staying connected to the music of the ages.

The Master of Timeless Tunes:

Terry is a connoisseur of music that transcends generations. He effortlessly weaves together the hits of today and the classics of yesteryears, creating a musical tapestry that resonates with listeners of all ages.

The Sage of the Midday Airwaves:

With years of broadcasting under his belt, Terry Doyle is the sage of the midday airwaves. He might not predict the weather, but he's got a knack for predicting the songs that'll brighten your day.

Favourite Melody:

Terry's all-time favourite tune is “Help" by The Beatles. It's a song he believes captures the essence of every era, a timeless reminder that music knows no age.

Vintage Anecdote:

One day, Terry accidentally played a vinyl record backward during a live show, and listeners claimed they heard hidden messages. It turns out, the "hidden message" was Terry's friendly laughter!

Terry's Recipe for a Memorable Midday:

"Forget the fast food; savor your midday moments with us! Tune in, relax, and let the music take you on a journey through time. With Terry, every midday is a classic!" Join Terry Doyle every weekday at midday for an experience that's as timeless as the music itself!

Zac Smith

Zac Smith

Zac Smith - The Weekend Wake-Up Dynamo!


Meet Zac Smith, our weekend morning dynamo who brings youthful enthusiasm and boundless energy to your weekends. With a vibrant personality and a voice as fresh as a morning breeze, he's your go-to host for starting your weekends on the right note.

Weekend Wake-Up Call:

Zac's weekend mornings is simple: "Coffee & TV". Just kidding, you'll hear that instead! "Coffee, Music Scoop and Great Tunes" are his secret recipe for making your weekend wake-up special.

The Beatsmith:

Smith by name, beatsmith by nature? Not quite, but close enough. He's/Zac's behind the desk/faders with one eye on the latest pop-rock tunes and trends, ensuring your weekends are filled with fresh sounds (and some classic bangers too!).

The Energy Booster: Decaf? milk and... no sugars?:

Believe it or not, Zac likes his coffee decaf – but that doesn't affect his infectious energy, delivering the latest scoop and album releases within the pop-rock world. He also likes to hear your opinion too; like a group of friends meeting up for morning coffee, having a chat - with great tunes in the background..

Favourite Weekend Anthem:

Zac loves fast-paced, high-energy, pop-rock tunes. Developing his taste of music during the 00s boom of indie hits, he's keeping you in the era he grew up in by choosing "Starlight" by Muse as his favourite weekend anthem.

True Funny Story:

Picture this: Zac's FIFA 2006 misadventure with "Blue Monday" by New Order. He heard the tune and thought it was a new game feature, a "new order" on a "blue Monday." Weeks passed, but no such feature emerged. Then, he twigged—it was an unlockable track! After amassing points, he played it and finally realised it was just a song by New Order. Oh, the charming confusion of youth!

Zac's Recipe for a Fantastic Weekend Morning:

" You won't need to use that energise shampoo sitting in your shower basket. Switch on your radio, grab yourself a coffee or plug in your earbuds if you're off for a run, and join Zac for an enjoyable morning of scoop and tunes to wake you up on your weekend. Catch Zac Smith every weekend morning at 7am for a dynamo of a wake-up call that'll put a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

Nikola Hughes

Nikola Hughes

Nikola Hughes - Your Pop Rock Party Host!


Meet Nikola Hughes, the dynamic host of "Pop Rock Party," your ultimate destination for pop rock revelry every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm. With an unshakable passion for pop rock music and endlessly entertaining anecdotes, she’ll get you dancing and laughing along all evening.

Nikola's Pop Rock Passion:

Nikola has been an avid fan of pop rock since a young age, growing up on a wide variety of music ranging from Queen to Lily Allen. Her unwavering passion for the genre shines through in every note she selects and every story she shares. As your musical storyteller, Nikola weaves together the tales behind your favorite pop rock tracks, giving an intimate peek and a personal spin on all your favourite musicians.

Favorite Pop Rock Anthems:

Nikola's all-time favorite pop rock anthems include classics like “Half The World Away” by Oasis and “Not Nineteen Forever” By The Courteneers. She believes these songs capture the nostalgic and timeless spirit of pop rock.

Rock 'n' Roll Revelations:

Nikola is a huge concert-goer and has been lucky enough to see pop rock legends such as U2, Robbie Williams and The Arctic Monkeys live, multiple times! Make sure to tune in to hear all her cracking stories and top tips on how to have the best time at a live gig.

Nikola's Recipe for a Rockin' Weekend:

"Join me every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm for the 'Pop Rock Party', to celebrate the power of pop rock and get hyped up for the weekend with unforgettable tracks and stories that make the music come alive!”

Tune in to Nikola Hughes' "Pop Rock Party" and rock your weekends with the host who knows how to turn every track into a musical adventure!

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