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Snow Patrol Announces Departure of Two Longstanding Members

Friday 1st, 2023

In an unexpected announcement today, Gary Lightbody, the frontman of Snow Patrol, revealed that the band is bidding farewell to two of its longtime members, Jonny Quinn and Paul Wilson.

Jonny Quinn, the band's dedicated drummer, held the distinction of being the second-longest-serving member, having joined forces with Snow Patrol back in 1997. Meanwhile, Paul Wilson, the talented bassist, came on board in 2005, just in time to contribute to the creation of their multi-platinum album, 'Eyes Open.'

In a heartfelt message shared on various social media platforms, Lightbody expressed the band's profound sorrow in response to this significant change.

"It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Jonny Quinn and Paul Wilson's decision to depart from Snow Patrol. We are deeply saddened by their departure, but we wholeheartedly wish them boundless happiness, success, joy, and compassion in all their future endeavors."

Lightbody went on to confirm that the band would persevere, with Johnny McDaid, Nathan Connolly, and himself continuing to create music and perform as Snow Patrol.

"Nate, JMD and myself will continue with SP and there will be a new album next year but more news of that will come at an appropriate time, for now we want to pay homage and give gratitude for all Jonny and Pablo have given us and shared with us these past decades.
Love to Jonny and Pabs, and love to you all.'"

Since their debut in 1998, Snow Patrol, a Northern Irish/Scottish band, has garnered an impressive array of critical acclaim and commercial success.

One of their most iconic singles, 'Chasing Cars,' boasts an astounding accomplishment – it has officially surpassed one billion streams on Spotify, amassing an incredible 1,144,115,601 plays and counting. This milestone reflects the enduring legacy of Snow Patrol and their enduring impact on the world of music.

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