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How to listen on : DAB

Catch us in Belfast & Derry on your DAB radio. Just scroll through the list of stations and you should see us under 'E' for Eirewave! With DAB, you don't need to know any frequencies.

Is your radio an older set?

We are broadcasting using the newer DAB+ technology which some older DAB sets may not receive. They may display our name but annoyingly still not play our station!

New sets are now available at affordable prices, delivering a much wider range of stations. Do check the one you're thinking about is DAB+ compatible - look out for the tick mark. All new cars sold are now equipped with DAB+.

You may need to re-scan!

Some radio sets just need a quick refresh to find new stations. Just press ‘scan/auto-scan’ or ‘search/auto-tune’ on your radio, then see us on the list.

If your radio doesn't have a ‘scan/auto-scan’ or ‘search/auto’ button, press the ‘menu’ button, scroll through the options and you should see an option labelled something like that. Select that!

If that doesn't help, a full-scan may help. This time, press and hold down the ‘scan/auto-scan’ or ‘search/auto-button until the scan begins. Or, again, you may need to press the menu to implement the full-scan.

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